Tri-City Youth (TCY) Little League

Tri-City Youth (TCY) Little League is the Borger, Fritch, and Stinnett baseball and softball Little League organization. It was re-established here in 2015 with a fresh perspective and all new board members. Since then it has grown tremendously and our kids and program have really flourished and excelled. The board members, coaches, and volunteers work really hard to ensure that our players and their families have a great experience. We hope to better prepare our players for high school baseball and softball as well as encourage a larger sense of community, team, and self pride. Even at the very youngest of ages (tee ball) we are teaching our kids the fundamentals of the game, how to be a part of a team, and the importance of practicing to get better at something. We as adults are also able to lead by example in modeling to them how to handle different situations in the correct way.

We encourage anyone that is wanting to volunteer to do so. (Just contact a board member or attend a meeting.) Volunteering is the best way to make a difference in the lives of the children in our community. 

2019 TCY Little League Board Members
President: Jeff Maxwell
Baseball Vice President: Kelly Henderson
Softball Vice President: Chucky Murley
Seniors Vice President: Bryan Carlock
Secretary: Heather Wood
Baseball UIC: Tracy Poole

Softball UIC: Terry Cole
Fundraising Manager: Carolee Trolinger & Matt Fulton

Sponsorship Manager: Chance Snyder
Uniform Manager: Jamie Breedlove
Equipment Manager: BJ Brown
Concession Manager: Chris Breedlove
Safety Officer: Logan Bidwell

Field Maintenance: Doug Moneymaker
League Player Agents: TBA

"Baseball and softball embody the discipline of teamwork. They challenge players toward perfection of physical skills and bring into play the excitement of tactics and strategy. The very nature of baseball and softball also teach that while every player eventually strikes out or is on the losing team, there is always another chance for success in the next at-bat or game."